You will complete and submit an application form.  Your Application will be assessed by select Members of the Economic Development Committee for inclusion on the Maker’s Map based on a set criteria and standards for Makers.  Once the application is successful and accepted, your information will be included on the website.  All submissions will be individually assessed on their own merit.  If your application is declined, you may request assessment committee to provide a reason.


Makers wishing to have their work represented on the Makers Map should reside in Augusta Township.

Makers outside the Augusta boundary can be considered on a case by case basis depending how far outside the border they are and uniqueness of their work.


What is a Maker?

A “Maker” is an artistic occupation requiring special technical and manual skills in the making of objects or the opportunity to check out and try a new unique destination experience.

The following are guidelines for craft that we will consider for product assessment. Please read them carefully before applying.


Originality. The craft object must be the original idea or design of the maker. Traditional, historic and “classic” designs are also acceptable, especially if the craftsperson has brought her/his personal interpretation to this design.

Good design. Creativity and innovation are an integral part of good design.

Well constructed. The craftsperson’s skill should be evident in the finishing. Functional objects should function properly. Materials used must be appropriate to the function and be of the highest quality. …

Appropriately packaged and labelled. Packaging must be attractive, functional and complement the item. The craftsperson is responsible for being aware of and meeting necessary requirements, as required by law.

Assessment Acceptable Non-Traditional Makers

These craft categories with the following provisions and restrictions:

Food Products- Only food items of the highest quality, production standards and craftsmanship will be considered for inclusion in a fine craft setting. Products and ingredients must be grown, created or derived from local ingredients as much as possible. Traditional recipes, ingredients and processes will be given priority.

Unique Destination Experience – Experiences distinctive to the creator that draw people to the area for there exceptionality.

The following types of work are NOT eligible for product assessment:

1) Crafts that require no specific training, skill or mastery of a technique to create. Examples of these might be simple strung bead necklaces, greeting cards with computer clipart, children’s crafts.

2) Crafts made from commercial craft kits and patterns, or copyrighted designs are generally not considered acceptable, unless the maker has brought particular design or skill techniques to enhance the product. Examples of crafts from kits and patterns may include knitting/hooking kits, decoupage, paper tole kits, tole painting from contemporary patterns, “cheater” quilts, liquid embroidery, etc.

3) Items made with too many commercially manufactured parts. Items such as these are only permitted when these parts are subordinate to the overall design (ie: screws, hinges, bases, handles, etc.) or when these parts are used in an innovative and creative manner to produce an entirely new item. Examples of items with too many commercially manufactured parts may include earrings made from 3 purchased beads with purchased findings. An example of an innovative use of purchased components might be attractive jewelry made from recycled computer parts.

4) Product made with commercial molds, such as ceramics, jewelry and candles. This work will only be considered if the mold is subordinate to the overall design of the work. Examples of this might be mold formed pillar candles with a highly decorative textured surface, a ceramic bowl made from a purchased mold with a very ornate hand-painted glaze or pattern.

5) Gift Baskets, unless contain only items created by the seller.

If you feel that your work does not meet the criteria above but deserves consideration, please submit your work for assessment.